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Math and Learning


The relationship between math and leaning

Since the moment we understand the principle of living, we obtained different knowledge and information from our surroundings, for example the cause and effect in two different objects, and their correlations between eachother. Have you ever had problems with math? Or been confused by the new language you learn?  Based on the article by Losh R the process skills and abilities needed to use mathematics in everyday situations, there is a relationship between solving math problems and learning a new language.

            Base on the article process skills and abilities needed to use mathematics in everyday situations by Losh R. while we solve math problems, our left hemisphere is used more frequently than usual. Lesh also believes that “there should be as much emphasis on mathematical relationships as on accurate computation”. Referring to his believes he think students should be taught to recognize situations in which their math skills can be utilized. He supports his ideas by using multi-step solution procedures. Step one we should start with a Plan, what you are going to do before doing it. This means you should have a plan in your mind before attempting to unlock the secret. It’s important to plan before you try to learn a new language, because you can predict the outcome and perform the best while you learning. Step two to Monitor, what you are doing, during this step you have to realize your position, and understands how much you know about the questions.  Third step while, while you doing it. During this step, you should get along with the pattern, because through the process of learning, you may educate yourself from your mistakes. The final step to Evaluate, the sensibility of your result, from this stage you should predict the outcome, which means you should consider about the result. Referring to the Interdisciplinary English the Mathematical Brain our left side of the brain was more motives while we deal with math problems. With the evidence from the acalculia patients, patients with acalculia are unable to perform math calculations, although some other numerical processing may still be available to them. With the evidences with the acalculia patients, the scientist notices those patients who have acalculia they are confused right and left. They couldn’t name the fingers of the hand or find a finger when it was named for them, and they couldn’t write. But these patients all had a lesion in the inferior parietal cortex of the left hemisphere. Base on the information from Losh R the process skills and abilities needed to use mathematics in everyday situations and Interdisciplinary English the Mathematical Brain by Dr. Kasper.  We can conclude our left side of the brain was created to solve math problems. The experts put a group of students into a test; the purpose of the experiment was to examine the connection between learning new a language and solve math problems. After all we can tell there’s a pattern between math and learning new language. 

            I understand there is no shortcut to learn anything, it is so important to start with a strong base. As an immigrant, we have to struggle harder than the other does, because we have to start all over again. For my own experience of learning a new language, it was similar to riding a bike. In the beginning we might fall down and hurt ourselves, but we have to practice more and more. If we want to climb the step and achieve our goal, we have to follow the pattern between object to object. Time is everything, time will change our mind, and it will improve our skills day after day. So the best way to learn is to follow what is on the menu which means step by step.

            The major factor of learning new a language was time, the more we practice the better we are going to be. It’s so important for us to build a strong base before learning more knowledge. For example, if a house is built with poor material. Physically it saves money, but later on it will cause more damage to the owner, because the base was so important. We should follow the pattern, step by step. This way will help us to understand more about what we learn.

            Everything is connected to each other; it is like a food chain.  For example, the bacterial need oxygen to grow, the animals need bacterial, trees and grasses to survive. We the people need meat and vegetables to live. Every living thing relies on each other, even math and learning. If you obtain a strong base skill for your math you should perform as good as you did on your math class to your reading class. Math and learning are balance to each other, if you find the right pattern, you should find it much easier for learning.