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influence person in my life ( none other than a Teacher)

            As time “flies” away from us, our past has transferred into a personal picture frame, and a memory device into our mind. “Time is everything, Time means money.” Referring to these quotes, it does apply into our lives. Miss Chan, my fifth grade history teacher has taught me the best way to cope obstacles. Although we live on opposite sides of the world, I still remember what she taught me during this time, because I “refresh” my memory device every time I meet a challenge.

            Since the first day I applied to junior high school, I have heard the name “Strict Chan”, according to those students who have taken her classes. They consistent agree she had become the top five caution teachers on the “blacklist”. During the first two years, I was so worried about her because I didn’t know when her name will appear on my schedule. But on the other hand, I was so curious about her, because I wondered why all of those “little warriors” were scared of her. Everything went smoothly during these three years. This semester would be my last year to stay in junior high school. But I was still struggling with this “riddle”. Why did she get the name “strict Chan”, and why was everyone scared of her. A new semester started, when I picked up my schedule, I looked at my classes, and at the middle of the paper I see the name “Chan” and it said History next to her name. At that moment, I was so confused, because it seems like my “dream” had finally come true, I may have the chance to discover the answer for this riddle. But on the other side, I was completely lost, because I knew I might fail her class, or something bad might happen to me.

            The next day I came to school with an unusual attitude, because I can not predict what will happen in this history class. At the blink of an eye, I was sitting in my history class. While waiting for the arrival of the teacher, my heart beat was pumping much faster than usual. My hand was shaking, and I felt the heart around my body. “She is coming!” a student yelled out, and now I sat straight and act normal. I can hear the footstep was coming closer and closer, an ordinary old woman holding a textbook on her shoulder emerged. At that very moment, I felt like, I had put down “the rock on my back”. I said to my friend next to me “Hey, she doesn’t seem strict to me.”  Suddenly I heard someone yell out and say, “YOU, stand up.” I looked at the teacher, and she was pointing to me. She said “You, what’s your name, stand up.” The whole classroom was silent at that moment.

I stand up and she said “what did you think you were doing. You were in the fifth grade. You should know better than the others what the proper way to behave in the classroom is.” I nodded, and I kept silence, because I regretted what I had done. She said “can you explain why we learn history, why we read books, and why we care about the past?” I said nothing. And she said “we learn history because it’s our responsibly to know about the past, to learn more about our ancestry. Our ancestries have contributed to our society; we all should feel proud to be part of the future society. We read books because we want to gain more knowledge about the outer world, to develop our reading and writing stills. And finally we should care about the history because it’s our duty to continue to discover the new technology. That is why we are all here for, but before we learn the proper way to learn history, we should learn how to respect people. Sometime respect can be classified a person’s characteristic, and their manner toward others. Respect means a lot to a person. It can change a person’s life. So, before you try to solve a problem, you should consider other’s feeling, because we express our emotions toward different situations.”

The class ended with a serious ambience, I felt something special inside of my body, I felt something wired happened, but I can not explain it. This kind of feeling motive me to expose myself to the society. From this day, I learned the meaning behind respect. The more people learn how to respect others, the fewer problems will exist, which means people don’t have to deal with problems.

Throughout the whole semester, I learned lots of principles from this teacher. Although we do not agree with her teaching method, but we all knew she did it for us. She acted tough to maintain the atmosphere of learning. Until now, the word “Respect” always sticks on my mind, because it always helps me to solve my problems, no matter where am I. every time I look at other people, it always remained me the phase of respect, because respect are came from us.

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